Fred’s career in the dance business started in 1972 as a trainee in Daytona Beach, FL. In that same year he moved to Lakeland to be an instructor in a newly opened independent studio. He was there for a year and then moved to the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Lakeland where he taught for several years. In 1977 Fred opened his own studio – the Elan Dance Theatre in Lakeland, Florida and that studio is still in operation. As he was establishing this studio, he was also teaching classes at the Polk and Hillsborough Community Colleges as part of the continuing education department. He also taught for the YMCA, Elks Lodge, Moose Lodge, and many other private clubs. In 1979 he opened the second Elan Dance Theatre which was in Winter Haven, Florida. This studio was also very successful and was operated for about 10 years until it was sold. Fred has taught social and competitive dancing to hundreds of people in the Lakeland area. He has competed both as a professional and in pro am. Fred and his wife Emma were the 1980 American Champions at the Atlanta Star Ball – dancing both American Smooth and American Rhythm. In 1982 they were finalists in the Rising Star International Standard at the Florida State Dance Championships. Their primary coaches at the time were Michael and Valerie Houseman. Kerry Wilson and Ron and Patty Troy. Over the years Fred has been fortunate to have coaching from many outstanding teachers including Jackie Santoro, Larry Silvers, David Key, Timothy and Michelle Mason,Stephen and Lindsay Hillier, Bobby Mederios and Perri Adair Johnson to mention a few. He has traveled with his students to many competitions throughout the United States and Europe and the students have won many awards. Fred was examined by Larry Silvers and received his certification in American Smooth and Rhythm in 1990. This was through the NDTA. In 2005 Kerry Wilson administered his examinations in International Standard and Latin and Theatre Arts and he received his certification in those areas through Terpsichore. He is a championship certified judge for NDCA and has judged at numerous NDCA competitions. Fred continues to teach, coach and judge and is also involved with his wife in her job as an event coordinator for several major competitions.