Tommye Giacchino began her career in her mother’s dance studio where taking class every day was a way of life. After seeing a ballroom dance competition she was hooked. Winning numerous titles “United States Rising Star Champion,” US Open Cabaret Champion, Professional American Smooth finalists and Rising Star Champion, and the most prestiqous, winner of “The British Open Invitational Exhibition Championship” known to most as Blackpool, Tommye have traveled the world to perform and coach ballroom dance throughout Asia, Europe and almost every state in the USA. In addition to working for world-renowned jazz and ballet companies such as Gus Giordano, River North Dance Company and The Joffrey Tommye has performed extensively with major symphonies such as The Chicago Symphony Orchestra and The Elgin Symphony and has been a featured artists and provided expert commentary on television programs around the world: PBS’s Championship Ballroom Dancing, “America’s Ballroom Challenge,” Eurosport, ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, WGN and a soon to be released program on the TLC Ballroom Blitz. Ms Giacchino has been honored with numerous Top Teacher awards, as a highly recognized Pro/Am teacher at numerous competitions, and holds 5 NADTA championship Certifications. She works tirelessly to make Latin and ballroom dance accessible to everyone in the Chicagoland area by advising schools, festivals, and dance programs on curriculum as well as by offering teacher training and certification programs thru DIVIDA. She successfully grew and sold Chicago’s Crystal Ball DanceSport Competition as well as two locations of Chicago Dance Latin and Ballroom Schools. Tommye teaches independently in Chicago as well as travels the country coaching, judging, dancing pro/am and training teachers.