Jeff's interest in Social & Ballroom Dancing began in 1960 with social dance classes in the Providence, RI area. Barely a teenager, he attended social dances at schools and community centers with the much, "older kids". At that time, he danced Lindy, Jitterbug, Cha-cha, and Twist in dance contests. By the late 70's, Jeff's interest in competitive dancing began to consume all of his free time. At that time, Disco dancing and Disco nightclub competition were the main thrusts of his dance activity. These dance competitions were held all over the New England and New York areas where Jeff won many competitions. The Disco craze soon subsided and competitive Ballroom, Latin, & Swing Dancing piqued Jeff's interest. He began competing in national and international dance competitions. Jeff turned professional in July of 1984 after winning the Gold closed level at the North American Championships. In that same year, Jeff began traveling to Montreal & Quebec, a mecca of Ballroom Dancing, for teacher training and competitive dancing. This journey continued every four weeks for three and a half years. Jeff finished in 4th place in the Canadian Provincial Basic & Standard Professional Latin Championships, won the New England Professional American Smooth Championships and finished 2nd in the Rising Star Closed Latin North American Championships. Two separate times at the Eastern United States Championships, in both the Professional Open American Smooth and Professional Open International Latin Divisions, Jeff was a finalist. His interest in Argentine Tango developed when training in Montreal during 1986. Fascinated by this form of Tango, he took a bold step and added elements of the Argentine style to his professional American Tango choreography. Today all top competitors in the American Smooth divisions use Argentine Tango to add drama to the American style. Jeff's greatest pride is the more than 30 Top Teacher Awards he has won and having kept his position consistently in the list of the Top 75 teachers in North America. This was done while competing Professionally and performing an average of more than one show per week. Jeff holds Membership credentials with the North American Dance Teachers Association and the Pan-American Teachers Association. He also holds Associate credentials with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance. Jeff is the author of several books on Ballroom Dancing including Quickstart to Social Dancing ©, Quickstart to Tango ©, Quickstart to Swing© and The Complete Idiot's Guide To Ballroom Dancing©. In addition to being a DVIDA Regional Examiner, Jeff is available for coaching and judging as he continues to offer the highest standard in teaching beginner and advanced students including teachers and professional performers.