Preparing For Your Exam

  1. Decide which exam you will be taking. (See Info/Exam tab for pricing and exams we offer.)

  2. Study from the current DVIDA manual or DVIDA Subscription. You have the option of using the DVIDA or ISTD manual for International Style Latin and/or Ballroom.

  3. Contact an examiner to schedule your test day, time and location.

  4. Send in your DVIDA Exam & Membership form. 

Exam Break Down:  

Part A (worth 35%): Candidates will demonstrate the figures from each dance, in routines that they will dance with a partner, to music. They will dance through these routines twice, once as leader, and once as follower.  They will then be asked to dance a SOLO amalgamation to music as either leader or follower.

Part B (worth 35%) 2 PARTS: Dance Specific Teaching Questions and Theory (Element) Questions. The candidate will answer 2 dance specific questions then 6 element questions (Amount of Turn, Footwork, Timing, Positions, etc.) about the figures in each of the dances. The candidate will be asked 3 element question from the 1st half and 3 element questions from the 2nd half of the syllabus. All of the questions in this section will be derived from the information in the DVIDA® Syllabus Manual. To view the list of questions, please click here.

Part C (worth 20%): The candidate will answer several general teaching questions. For example:  Please show how you would start your (DVIDA will choose one dance) class to the following music. Please include what you would say to a new class that has never started to music before. To view the list of questions, please click here.

Part D (worth 10%): The candidate will receive a score for his or her Overall Presentation, which will encompass the candidate’s grooming and attire, their vocal projection, their rapport and personality, and their posture and poise. throughout Parts A, B, and C. There are no additional questions for Part D.


Part  A

5 Outstanding

4 Very good

3 Passing                                                                                                                            

2 Needs Improvement

1 Not at a professional level

0 Very poorly danced


Part  B, C & D

5 Outstanding                  

4 Very good                                                                                                                        

3 Sufficient knowledge

2 Many errors

1 Needs major improvement

0 No understanding


DVIDA Ranking Scale:

High Honors: 4.4 - 5.0

Honors: 3.8 - 4.39

Pass: 3.0- 3.79

Fail: 0 – 2.99