Who we are

ProDVIDA (Professional Dance Vision International Dance Association) is a professional teacher organization that is open to potential & all professional dance teachers and competitors.

We offer one of the best certification programs and have over 50 examiners throughout the world. The ProDVIDA certification process is designed to enrich a dance instructor’s knowledge of all aspects of dancing and teaching. In addition to the confidence you will gain for having mastered this challenge, certification has many additional benefits.

Become a Better Dancer

Preparing for a certification exam:

  • expands your understanding of dance concepts
  • improves your verbal and presentation skill
  • teaches you precise vocabulary for describing technical elements of figures
  • sharpens your knowledge of musical terms
  • enhances your choreography skills

Become a Better Teacher

Upon successfully passing an exam, you will receive a certificate proclaiming your expertise to the world.

After passing DVIDA professional exams, you will be a highly valuable employee in studios across the country.

This is a must have for independent instructors wanting to proclaim their aptitude as this is a national recognition of your skills.

Achieve an Objective standard of professional excellence

ProDVIDA certifications are recognized by the National Dance Council of America (N.D.C.A.), the highest governing body for dance professionals in the United States.

Certification is required for individuals interested in becoming an examiner or working towards the credentials to become a judge for Dancesport competitions.

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About The Founders

Wayne and Donna Eng

Wayne & Donna Eng founded Dance Vision in 1992, and since have become the established world leader in the production and distribution of instructional dance DVDs. They have produced over 500 titles featuring some of the top instructors in the world.

In 2001, they created the Dance Vision International Dance Association, (DVIDA®). Through DVIDA®, they have developed and made available products and services for independent instructors and studios around the world. Their signature products are the DVIDA® Syllabi DVDs and Manuals in the American Style, International Style, Country Western, Night-Club Two-Step, Argentine Tango, Hustle and Salsa.

The DVIDA® Syllabus is being used by hundreds of studios and teachers in the United States and is recognized by the N.D.C.A. In addition, the Canadian Dancesport Federation has adopted the DVIDA® American Style Syllabus as their official syllabus to certify professional instructors. The American Style Syllabus is also being used extensively in other countries such as Trinidad, England, Australia, and Greece.

The Engs have also run a successful dance studio for over 15 years and are the organizers of the prestigious Emerald Ball DanceSport Championships

Wayne Eng is currently the Vice President and Competition Director of the American Ballroom Company, which sponsors the United States Dance Championships.

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